What to Serve with Pulled Pork (10 Sides Dishes You’ll Enjoy)

Pull pork is always a hit whether you’re serving it as a main course or as a side dish. But what should you serve with your pulled pork?

I never really gave much thought to what I would serve with pulled pork until one day when I found myself in a bind. I had planned on making pulled pork for dinner, but I realized that I had no side dishes to go with it.

That led to a few hours of research, and I compiled a list of what I think are the best side dishes to serve with pulled pork. After testing a few, I can safely tell you that these are the best of the best.

So, without further ado, here are the 11 best side dishes to serve with your pulled pork:

Side dishes for pulled pork

  1. Cornbread
  2. Sweet corn fritters
  3. Spicy collard greens
  4. Coleslaw
  5. Baked beans
  6. Mac and cheese
  7. Potato salad
  8. Macaroni salad
  9. Succotash
  10. Honey butter biscuits


Cornbread is a classic partner for pulled pork. The southern staple pairs well with the fatty, smoked meat because it helps to cut through the richness of the pork. Plus, it is the perfect side dish to soak up all the delicious juices from the pork.

Cornbread is also a welcome addition to pulled pork because it provides a contrast in texture. It can be either soft and crumbly or crispy and flaky, but either way, it provides a nice contrast to the tender pulled pork.

Cornbread can also be made in a variety of flavors, from classic cornbread to jalapeno cheddar cornbread. No matter what flavor you choose, Cornbread is a delicious and versatile side dish for pulled pork.

Cornbread is traditionally made with cornmeal, flour, salt, baking powder, and milk. But there are endless possibilities when it comes to flavor combinations. For example, jalapeno cheddar cornbread is a delicious option that adds a little spice to the dish. Or you can go with a maple and bacon cornbread.

Cornbread is a simple food that can be dressed up or down depending on your preferences. But one thing is for sure, it’s the perfect sidekick to pulled pork!

Sweet corn fritters

Sweet corn fritters are the perfect side dish for pulled pork. They are crunchy, deep-fried balls of sweet corn that are easy to make and go well with any type of pork.

The sweetness of the corn contrasts well with the savory flavors of the pork, and the fritters add a nice crunch to each bite. Plus, they are easy to make and can be served hot or cold.

So next time you’re looking for a side dish to accompany your pulled pork, try sweet corn fritters. You won’t be disappointed!

Spicy collard greens

Southern-style collard greens are typically made with a variety of spices, including cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion powder. This combination of spices gives the greens a bold flavor that goes well with the rich, fatty pork.

They are quick and easy to make. Plus, they are a great way to get your vegetables in! Collard greens are packed with nutrients, and they are a low-calorie option that is perfect for anyone watching their weight.

For a complete meal, serve the pulled pork on a bed of rice and top with a dollop of Spicy collard greens.


Coleslaw goes exceptionally well as a side dish for pulled pork because of its creamy, crunchy texture and its fresh and natural taste.

It is typically made with cabbage, which gives it a crunchy texture, and seasoned mayonnaise, which gives it a creamy taste. The cabbage in coleslaw also helps to cut through the fat in pulled pork and provides a fresh and natural taste.

Coleslaw is a simple and elegant side dish that complements the flavors of pulled pork without overpowering them.

Baked beans

Baked beans make the perfect side dish for pulled pork. They are both slow-cooked, which allows all the flavors to meld together nicely.

The sweetness of the BBQ sauce pairs perfectly with the savory pulled pork, and the beans themselves add a lovely texture to the dish. Plus, they look great on the plate!

If you’re looking for a new twist on pulled pork, why not experiment with different flavors of baked beans? There are many varieties available, so you’re sure to find one that you love.

Mac and cheese

The decadent buttery flavor of the mac and cheese pairs perfectly with the smoky taste of the pulled pork. Plus, it provides a nice contrast in texture. It can be either soft and creamy or crispy and cheesy, but either way, it’s a delicious side dish for pulled pork.

Plus, you can add different bits of meat like bacon to add a delicious salty crunch that takes this dish to the next level.

And, best of all, mac and cheese is quick and easy to make, which means you can spend more time enjoying your meal.

Potato salad

Potato salad is a great side dish for pulled pork because it is light and refreshing, but still hearty enough to stand up to the rich flavor of the pork.

Potato salad can be made with a variety of different potatoes, including red potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, or even sweet potatoes. It can be loaded with veggies like celery and onions or kept simple with just a few ingredients.

It is also easy to make ahead of time, which makes it a great option for busy weeknights or weekend entertaining.

There are endless variations of potato salad, so you can always find a new favorite recipe to try. But one thing remains constant: potato salad is the perfect side dish for pulled pork.

Macaroni salad

Macaroni salad is one of those crowd-pleasing side dishes that goes well with just about anything. It’s filling, but not too heavy, and it can be served chilled or at room temperature. Plus, it’s easy to make ahead of time, which is always a bonus when entertaining.

When pairing macaroni salad with pulled pork, I like to go for a more traditional approach and add some chopped celery and onion for a bit of crunch.

For the dressing, I use a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, and vinegar. This gives the salad a nice tangy flavor that complements the richness of the pulled pork.

And if you’re feeling extra festive, you can top the salad with a few slices of bacon. Trust me, your guests will be impressed.


Succotash is a side dish that is full of vegetables, including bell peppers, onion, corn, lima beans, and jalapeno. It goes well as a side dish for pulled pork because it is hearty and filling. Plus, the vegetables are a good source of fiber and nutrients, and they add flavor and texture to the dish.

Succotash is also relatively easy to make, which makes it a good option for busy weeknights. In addition, leftovers can be reheated easily and make a tasty lunch or dinner the next day.

Honey butter biscuits

Honey butter biscuits are a flaky, Southern-style biscuit that is brushed with honey butter and often served as a side dish.

The sweetness of the honey pairs well with the savory flavors of pulled pork, and the Greek yogurt helps to lighten the biscuits and avoid the heavy, greasy feeling that can come from using too much butter.

When making honey butter biscuits, be sure to avoid instant varieties, as they will not taste as fresh or flavorful. With a little effort, you can create a delicious and unique side dish that will complement any meal.

Other side dishes

Apart from the 10 side dishes mentioned above, you can serve pulled pork with:

  • Fruit salad
  • Pretzel buns
  • Tomato and onion curtido salad
  • Vegetable skewers
  • Corn on the cob or creamed corn
  • Skillet pasta
  • Grilled or BBQ corn
  • Devilled eggs
  • Cheddar biscuits
  • Sweet potato fries or French fries
  • Tomato and cheese
  • Rice pilaf
  • Onion rings

You can also serve it with a number of different salads like:

  • Summer millet salad
  • Halloumi and grilled fruit salad
  • Chilled cucumber salad
  • French-style vegetable salad
  • Grilled zucchini and tomato salad
  • Different kinds of pasta salad
  • Burrata salad
  • Cactus salad


When it comes to what to serve with pulled pork, the options are endless. You can go with a simple side dish like potato salad or macaroni salad, or get creative and try something a little more unique.

No matter what you choose, make sure it is something that will complement the flavors of the pork. With so many delicious possibilities, there is sure to be a side dish that everyone will enjoy.