What Goes with Pigs in a Blanket: 20+ Sides To Make

There’s nothing quite like pigs in a blanket. They’re tasty, convenient, and perfect for any occasion. But what do you serve with them? There are many different options, but we’re going to highlight some of our favorites.

If you’re looking for something simple, try ketchup or mustard. For a more complex flavor profile, consider using a dipping sauce or spread. And to get even more creative, check out the list below!

Sides to Try with Pigs in a Blanket

  1. Mac and Cheese
  2. Pancake and Scrambled Eggs
  3. Baked Beans
  4. Coleslaw
  5. Cheesy Potatoes
  6. Green Bean Fries
  7. Scalloped Potatoes
  8. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  9. Mushroom Quinoa
  10. Deviled Eggs

Mac and Cheese

When it comes to side dishes for pigs in a blanket, mac and cheese is a classic for a reason. Rich and creamy, with just the right amount of cheesy goodness, it’s the perfect complement to any main course.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can easily whip up a batch of homemade mac and cheese that will have your guests coming back for seconds. Sxt time you’re looking for the perfect side dish, don’t forget the mac and cheese!

Pancake and Scrambled Eggs

You might think that pancakes and scrambled eggs are two entirely different breakfast foods. But what if I told you that they can actually be combined into one delicious side dish? That’s right – pancaked eggs are a thing, and they are absolutely amazing.

The best way to make them is to start with a basic pancake recipe. Then, instead of flipping the pancakes over, simply crack an egg into the center of each one and scramble it up. The result is a fluffy, eggy pancake that is sure to satisfy you.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even top your pancaked eggs with a little cheese or bacon. Next time you’re looking for a unique side dish for pigs in a blanket give pancaked eggs a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Baked Beans

I never understood why baked beans were considered a side dish for pigs in a blanket. In my opinion, they should be the star of the show. After all, what other food can claim to be both savory and sweet?

Plus, they’re packed with protein and fiber, making them a perfect choice for vegetarians or anyone looking for a hearty, nutritious meal. And don’t even get me started on how good they are when paired with grilled meats.

So if you’re planning a barbecue or potluck, ditch the ordinary sides and make baked beans the center of attention. Your taste buds will thank you.


A lot of people think of coleslaw as a boring side dish, but I like to think of it as a blank canvas. With the right ingredients, it can be a real masterpiece.

The key is to start with a good base of shredded cabbage and carrots. From there, you can add in any number of other vegetables, fruits, or even nuts. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard on the dressing – a little bit goes a long way.

And there you have it, a delicious and healthy side dish that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Bon appetit!

Cheesy Potatoes

Oh, the humble potato. So often relegated to a supporting role, this versatile root vegetable is often overlooked as a potential star of the show. But when it comes to side dishes for pigs in a blanket, there’s one dish that always manages to steal the spotlight: cheesy potatoes.

Whether they’re loaded with cheddar and bacon or topped with a rich cream sauce, these comforting potatoes are hard to resist. And while they aren’t the healthiest option on the menu, sometimes you just have to indulge in a little comfort food.

So go ahead and add an extra helping of cheesy potatoes to your plate. After all, life is too short to say no to second helpings!

Green Bean Fries

Green beans are nutritious and healthy, it can be enjoyed in many different ways. One popular option is to fry them. This gives the beans a crispy exterior while preserving their nutrient-rich interior.

When served as a side dish, green bean fries can complement a number of different main dishes. For example, they can be served with pigs in a blanket, providing a delicious and balanced meal.

You can also customize them to suit your personal preferences. For example, you can add spices or dipping sauces to change up the flavors. Whether you enjoy them as is or customize them to your liking, green bean fries are a delicious and nutritious option for any meal!

Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes are a classic side dish that pairs well with a variety of main courses, especially pigs in a blanket.

They can be made using different types of potatoes, but Yukon gold potatoes are a good choice because they have a creamy texture and hold their shape well when cooked.

The potatoes are thinly sliced and layered in a baking dish with milk, butter, and seasonings. As the dish bakes, the milk and butter create a rich, flavorful sauce that bathes the potatoes in deliciousness.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted cherry tomatoes are a delicious and easy side dish that pairs well with a variety of main dishes. To make roasted cherry tomatoes, simply preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Then, wash your cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Next, toss the cherry tomatoes with olive oil and sea salt. Then, bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until they are slightly browned and soft. Once they are out of the oven, you can serve them as is or garnish them with fresh herbs like basil or thyme.

Mushroom Quinoa

Mushroom quinoa is a flavorful and nutrient-rich side dish that pairs well with many different main courses. Quinoa is a versatile grain that can be used in place of rice or pasta, and it is especially good at absorbing the flavors of other ingredients.

In this dish, the mushrooms add a hearty umami flavor, while the quinoa provides a nutty contrast. The dish can be easily adapted to different taste preferences by adding different types of mushrooms or other vegetables.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic side dish that can be easily dressed up or down to suit any occasion. When served alongside pigs in a ba lanket, they make for fun and festive food.

To make deviled eggs, hard-boil eggs and then remove the yolks, mixing them with mayo, mustard, and vinegar to taste. The egg yolk mixture is then spooned back into the egg whites, and the eggs are refrigerated until ready to serve.

When served with pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs provide a delicious contrast of flavors and textures. The fluffy dough of the pigs in a blanket pair perfectly with the creamy filling of the deviled eggs, making for a bite that is both savory and satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of pigs in a blanket?

The different types of pigs in a blanket can include anything from hot dogs to sausage.

What goes well with pigs in a blanket?

Some popular side dishes that go well with pigs in a blanket include green bean fries, scalloped potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushroom quinoa, and deviled eggs. These dishes provide a delicious contrast of flavors and textures that complement the savory taste of the pigs in a blanket.

Are pigs in a blanket gluten-free?

Yes, pigs in a blanket are gluten-free.


There are many things that go well with pigs in a blanket. Common side dishes include potatoes, carrots, and apples.

However, there are endless possibilities when it comes to pairing pigs in a blanket with other foods. Some people like to dip them in ketchup or mustard, while others prefer to pair them with a sweet jelly or honey.

Ultimately, the best thing to pair with pigs in a blanket is whatever you like best. So experiment and find the perfect combination for your next meal!

What Goes with Pigs in a Blanket: 20+ Sides To Make

Here are 20+ fantastic side dish ideas to round out your menu.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 390 kcal


  • Mac and Cheese
  • Pancake and Scrambled Eggs
  • Baked Beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Cheesy Potatoes
  • Green Bean Fries
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mushroom Quinoa
  • Deviled Eggs


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