What Dessert Goes With Italian Food – 10 Best Desserts

When you think of Italian food, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it’s pasta. But what about dessert? What goes well with Italian food?

I always love trying new Italian desserts – there is just something about their flavor that makes them so unique and delicious. Recently, I had the opportunity to try a dessert that was specifically meant to go with Italian food. It was a bit of a challenge, but I think I succeeded!

After that experience, I was curious about what other desserts might go well with Italian food, so I did some research. Of course, I also did some experiments and taste tests on my own. After some time, I finally came up with a list of desserts that I think are the best for Italian food.

Here they are!

What Dessert Goes With Italian Food

  1. Canestrelli
  2. Biscotti
  3. Gelato
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Cheesecake
  6. Semifreddo
  7. Granita
  8. Fruit Tart
  9. Lemon Sorbet
  10. Chocolate Cake


When it comes to choosing the perfect dessert for your Italian meal, there are many delicious options to choose from. However, one dessert that always hits the spot is canestrelli.

Canestrelli is traditional Italian cookies that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is typically flavored with lemon or aniseed, which gives them a refreshing taste. It is also very versatile and can be enjoyed with coffee, tea, or even ice cream.

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-make dessert that will satisfy everyone at the table, canestrelli is a perfect choice. But before you start baking, there are a few things you should know:

  • Be sure to use good quality ingredients. This will make all the difference in the taste of your cookies.
  • Be careful not to overbake them. Canestrelli should be golden brown, but not too dark.
  • Don’t forget to dust them with powdered sugar before serving.


After you’ve enjoyed a nice Italian meal, there’s nothing quite like a delicious biscotti to top it off. Biscotti are twice-baked cookies that originated in Italy, and they come in a variety of flavors.

While the most traditional flavor is anise, you can also find biscotti made with almond, chocolate, or even ginger. No matter what flavor you choose, biscotti are known for their crisp texture and their ability to hold up well in coffee or tea.

One of the best things about biscotti is that they’re relatively low in calories, so you can indulge without feeling guilty. And because they’re not overly sweet, they won’t overpower the flavors of your main course.

To get the most out of your biscotti experience, be sure to dunk them in your coffee or tea before taking a bite. This will help soften the cookies and bring out their flavor.


Eating Italian food always makes me crave gelato. I love the way the creamy, smooth gelato slides down my throat after a big meal. It’s like a little bit of heaven. Plus, it’s always fun to choose which flavor you want. My personal favorite is cookies and cream, but there are so many delicious options to choose from.

Important things to note when having gelato after eating Italian food:

  • It is very rich and can be quite filling. If you’re not careful, you might end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating it.
  • Gelato melts quickly, so you need to eat it right away. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a soupy mess.


Tiramisu is an Italian dessert that consists of layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, a rich mascarpone cream, and a dusting of cocoa powder. It is a delicious way to end a meal, and its light espresso flavor pairs well with the rich and savory flavors of Italian food.

Important things to note when having tiramisu after eating Italian food:

  • Tiramisu should be refrigerated for at least four hours before serving so that the flavors have time to meld and the cream has time to firm up.
  • It is best served in small portions, as it is quite rich.
  • It can be tricky to make, so it’s often best to leave it to the professionals.


One dessert that always seems to hit the spot when choosing a perfect dessert after eating Italian food is cheesecake. This is a rich and creamy dessert that is typically made with cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. The combination of these ingredients results in a dessert that is both dense and smooth.

Additionally, cheesecake can be flavored with a variety of different fruits or nuts, making it a versatile option for any meal. While it may not be the lightest dessert on the menu, its richness and creaminess make it the perfect way to end a hearty Italian meal.


Semifreddo is a classic Italian dessert that can be made with a variety of flavors. The most popular flavor is chocolate, but there are also many different fruit-based semifreddos. The dessert is made by combining eggs, sugar, and cream, and then freezing the mixture. It is very light and airy, and it melts in your mouth. It is the perfect ending to a hearty Italian meal.

Important things to note when having semifreddo after eating Italian food:

  • Make sure that the eggs are at room temperature before you start. If they are too cold, they will not mix properly with the sugar.
  • Be careful not to over-mix the semifreddo mixture. This will result in a tough dessert.
  • Be sure to serve the semifreddo chilled. If it is too warm, it will melt and lose its shape.


There’s nothing like a cold, refreshing dessert to cleanse the palate after a hearty Italian meal. Granita is a type of frozen dessert that originates from Sicily. It’s made by freezing flavored syrup or juice into large crystals and then scraping them into a flaky, snow-like consistency.

Granita can be any flavor you like, but popular choices include lemon, almond, and coffee. While it’s similar to sorbet in terms of texture, granita has a more intense flavor due to the larger crystals of ice.

Eating granita is a delicious way to refresh your mouth after a rich Italian meal. The cold, sweet crystals are the perfect contrast to the savory flavors of pasta and sauce. Plus, the act of scraping the granita off the plate is oddly satisfying.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make the perfect granita:

  • Start with a high-quality syrup or juice. The better the ingredients, the better the Granita will taste.
  • Don’t over-scrape the crystals – you want a mix of large and small pieces for optimum flavor and texture.
  • Be sure to serve Granita immediately after scraping – it melts quickly!

Fruit Tart

After eating a big Italian meal, you’re probably looking for a delicious and refreshing dessert. And what could be better than a fruit tart? This is a pastry made with a sweet crust and filled with fresh fruit and cream.

The contrast between the creamy filling and the acidic fruit is what makes this dessert so special. Plus, the sweetness of the crust balances out the savoriness of Italian food.

Important things to note when having a fruit tart after eating Italian food:

  • Make sure that the crust is nice and flaky. You don’t want it to be too thick or too dry.
  • Choose fresh fruit that is in season. This will ensure that your tart is flavorful and juicy.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of fruit. A mix of berries, kiwis, and apples would be perfect for an Italian-inspired fruit tart.

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon sorbet is the perfect light and refreshing dessert to enjoy after a hearty Italian meal. This sweet and tart treat is made with just a few simple ingredients: sugar, water, lemon juice, and zest. The result is a smooth, creamy sorbet with a bright and zesty flavor.

One of the best things about lemon sorbet is that it’s so versatile. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other desserts. For example, try serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or fresh berries. Or, if you’re feeling indulgent, top it with whipped cream!

Important things to note when having lemon sorbet after eating Italian food:

  • Be sure to use fresh lemons for the best flavor.
  • Add the lemon juice slowly to avoid making the sorbet too sour.
  • Don’t forget to add a touch of sweetness – the perfect balance of sweet and tart is what makes this dessert so delicious!

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake is the perfect dessert for Italian Food. It is rich and moist, with an intense chocolate flavor that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. It also has a light and fluffy texture that is a perfect contrast to the heartiness of Italian Food. When served with a dollop of whipped cream, Chocolate Cake is an irresistible treat.

Important things to note when having chocolate cake after eating Italian food:

  • Chocolate Cake can be too rich for some diners, so it is important to offer a lighter alternative, such as vanilla cake or fruit salad.
  • It should be served slightly warmer than room temperature so that the frosting is soft and inviting.
  • Be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand, as Chocolate Cake can be messy to eat!

Related Questions When Choosing What Dessert Goes With Italian Food

What are other options when choosing what dessert goes with Italian food?

  1. Lemon Bars
  2. Sugar Cookies
  3. Italian Ricotta Cookies
  4. Key Lime Cake
  5. Limoncello Cake
  6. Sprite Cake
  7. Italian Hugs Cookies
  8. Amaretti Cookies
  9. Lemon Sour Cream Cake
  10. Pineapple Angel Food Cake
  11. Italian Hazelnut Cookies
  12. Lemon Drop Cookies
  13. Panna Cotta
  14. Italian Chocolate Chip Cookies
  15. Fruit Salad

What is a famous Italian pastry?

Cannoli is one of the most famous Italian pastries around the world. it is made from wheat flour, lard, and sugar, and is filled with ricotta and other sweets.

Is Ferrero Rocher Italian?

Yes, the world-class Ferrero Rocher chocolate originated in Piedmont, Italy in 1982. This was created to make high-end chocolates more accessible to people.


After reading this article, you should now have a good understanding of what desserts go well with Italian food. Whether you choose to make a chocolate cake, lemon sorbet, or fruit tart, I’m sure you will love the delicious combination of flavors.

Now go ahead and try out some of these desserts for yourself! And don’t be scared to experiment – the best way to find out what you like is to try new things! Who knows, you may just discover your new favorite dessert.