12 Best Chicken Parmesan Sides You’ll Enjoy

There are many chicken parmesan recipes out there, but what goes well as a side dish?

Here we will explore some popular chicken parmesan sides that will pair perfectly with your meal. From pasta dishes to vegetable sides, we have you covered!

So get ready to add some delicious new recipes to your menu.

Best Chicken Parmesan Sides:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. Brown Rice
  4. Waffles
  5. Garlic Bread
  6. Roasted Broccoli
  7. Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts
  8. Cauliflower Salad
  9. Broccoli Salad
  10. Caesar Salad
  11. Italian Pasta Salad
  12. Vegetable Noodles


Quinoa is a delicious and nutritious grain that makes an excellent side dish for chicken parmesan. This hearty grain is packed with protein and fiber, making it a filling and satisfying option.

Quinoa also has a mild, nutty flavor that pairs well with the rich tomato sauce and cheesy goodness of chicken parmesan.

Best of all, quinoa is quick and easy to prepare. Simply cook the grain according to package directions and then add your favorite toppings.

For a truly chef-worthy side dish, try topping your quinoa with sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and fresh herbs.

You can also use this as a base for other chicken parmesan recipes, such as chicken parmesan soup or chicken parmesan skillet pies.

Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to side dishes, few items are as versatile as mashed potatoes.

Whether you’re looking for a creamy complement to chicken parmesan or a hearty starch to round out a vegetarian lasagna, mashed potatoes are an excellent choice.

And when it comes to flavor, these can be easily customized to suit any dish. For example, adding garlic and Parmesan cheese can give your mashed potatoes a savory kick that pairs perfectly with chicken parmesan.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little lighter, simply substituting low-fat milk for the cream will give you a delicious and healthy option that won’t weigh down your meal.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a great side dish for chicken parmesan. It has a nutty flavor that pairs well with the savory tomato sauce and cheesy chicken. It is also a healthy option, as it is high in fiber and nutrients.

You can either cook the rice in advance or make it fresh to accompany your chicken parmesan.

Additionally, if you are short on time, you can also use frozen brown rice. Simply reheat the rice according to the package directions and add it to your chicken parmesan when everything else is finished cooking.


Waffles are a delicious and versatile side dish that can be used with a variety of recipes.

When pairing waffles with chicken parmesan, the benefits include the added crunch of the waffle, as well as the additional sweetness that compliments the savory flavors of the chicken.

Other reasons why waffles are a suitable side dish for chicken parmesan include their ability to soak up sauces, their versatility in terms of flavor (they can be sweet or savory), and their convenience (they can be made ahead of time and reheated).

In terms of comparison, waffles are a unique side dish option that offers a variety of benefits not found in other more traditional side dishes such as pasta or rice.

When choosing to use waffles as a side dish, it is important to consider the overall flavor profile of the dish you are pairing it with, as well as the level of sweetness or savoriness you desire.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a classic side dish that can be paired with a variety of main courses, including chicken parmesan.

There are many benefits to garlic bread as a side dish. First, it is very versatile and can be used with a variety of recipes. Second, it is relatively easy to make, and even beginner cooks can produce great results.

Third, garlic bread brings out the best in other dishes, complementing their flavors and making them more enjoyable. Finally, garlic bread is relatively affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded diners.

Roasted Broccoli

Roasted broccoli is a fantastic side dish for chicken parmesan. The reasons are numerous, but chief among them are its nutritional benefits and its flavor profile.

Roasted broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium. It’s also low in calories and fat, making it a great choice for those watching their weight.

But perhaps the best reason to pair roasted broccoli with chicken parmesan is its flavor. The roasting process brings out the vegetable’s natural sweetness, while still allowing it to retain some of its crunches.

This is the perfect complement to the rich, savory flavors of chicken parmesan. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies!

Garlic Butter Brussels Sprouts

Garlic butter Brussels sprouts make an excellent side dish for chicken Parmesan. The savory flavors of the garlic butter complement the lightly seasoned chicken and the acidity of the tomato sauce.

The Brussels sprouts also add a nice textural contrast to the dish. If you’re looking for a healthy and flavorful side dish, garlic butter Brussels sprouts are a great option.

They’re also relatively easy to prepare, so you can focus on making the perfect chicken Parmesan. Just be sure to watch the amount of butter you use – too much can overwhelm the other flavors in the dish.

Cauliflower Salad

Adding a cauliflower salad to your Chicken Parmesan recipe is a great way to add some extra vegetables to your meal. Cauliflower is a nutrient-rich food that is high in fiber and vitamins C and K. It can also help boost your immune system and provides several other health benefits.

While you can use any type of salad as a side dish for Chicken Parmesan, a cauliflower salad is a particularly good choice because it pairs well with the flavors of the chicken and tomato sauce.

You can also add other ingredients to the salad, such as olives, onions, or peppers, to personalize it to your taste.

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad makes an excellent side dish for chicken parmesan. The rich, savory flavors of the chicken are complemented by the slight bitterness of the broccoli, and the acidity of the dressing helps to cut through the richness of the dish.

Broccoli salad is also a healthy option, as it is packed with vitamins and minerals. In addition, the crunch of the broccoli provides a welcome contrast to the creamy sauce and tender chicken.

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a versatile side dish that can be used in a variety of recipes. One of its most popular pairings is with chicken parmesan.

The savory flavors of the chicken are complemented by the crispy romaine lettuce and the creamy dressing in the salad. The salad also adds a refreshing crunch to the dish.

Another benefit of using Caesar salad as a side dish is that it is relatively easy to prepare. The dressing can be made ahead of time, and the salad can be assembled just before serving. This makes it a great option for busy weeknight dinners.

Additionally, Caesar salad pairs well with other Italian dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna.

Italian Pasta Salad

Italian pasta salad is a versatile side dish that can be used in a variety of recipes. It is perfect for chicken Parmesan, as it complements the flavors of the dish while adding a bit of texture and color.

The salad is also a healthy option, as it is packed with nutrients and fiber. Moreover, it is easy to make and can be prepared in advance. Italian pasta salad can also be used as a side dish for fish or steak.

It is a versatile dish that can be tailored to your liking by adding different herbs or vegetables.

Vegetable Noodles

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy way to accompany your next chicken parmesan dish, look no further than vegetable noodles.

This versatile side dish can be made with a variety of vegetables, such as zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. All you need to do is just spiralize the vegetables into noodles using a spiralizer or julienne peeler, and then sautee them in a little olive oil until tender.

The benefits of using vegetable noodles as a side dish are numerous. They are lower in calories and carbohydrates than traditional pasta noodles, and they provide valuable vitamins and nutrients that pasta does not.

In addition, vegetable noodles are gluten-free, making them an ideal choice for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

And because they are lighter than pasta, they won’t leave you feeling weighed down after your meal.


When it comes to chicken parmesan sides, there are a variety of delicious and nutritious options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy option or something to complement the flavors of your dish, one of these options is sure to be perfect for you.

So next time you’re stumped on what side dish to serve with chicken parmesan, remember these delicious options.

Surely, you can’t go wrong with any of them!