What to Serve with Chicken Stew (13 Delicious Ideas )

I was never what you would call a “natural” when it came to cooking. In fact, I used to be quite terrible at it. I would always burn whatever I was trying to cook, and it would always taste terrible.

However, one day, I decided to try cooking chicken stew. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I followed the recipe to the best of my ability.

And you know what? It actually became the springboard for my cooking career!

Now, chicken stew is one of my favorite things to cook. It’s simple, yet so flavorful and hearty. And it pairs perfectly with a variety of side dishes.

For the past decade, I perfected my chicken stew recipe. And in that time, I have also learned what side dishes pair best with it.

Therefore, I will be sharing my honest advice on the best side dishes to serve with chicken stew.

Side Dishes For Chicken Stew

  1. Crusty French Baguette
  2. Grilled Vegetables
  3. Cornbread
  4. A Light Salad
  5. Basic Brown Rice
  6. Cheddar Cheese Biscuits
  7. Polenta Cakes
  8. Oven Roasted Broccoli
  9. Garlic Crescent Rolls
  10. Dinner Rolls
  11. Popovers
  12. Crusty Homemade Bread
  13. Garlic Bread

Crusty French Baguette

This was the very first side dish that I ever served with chicken stew, and it remains one of my favorites to this day. To this day, I believe it contributed a whole lot to the success of my very first chicken stew dish.

There’s just something about the combination of the hearty stew and the crusty bread that makes it so magical.

Over time, I’ve realized that the key to making this pairing work is to make sure that the bread is nice and crusty. If it’s too soft, it won’t be able to stand up to the stew.

Grilled Vegetables

Another one of my favorite side dishes to serve with chicken stew is grilled vegetables. I love the smoky flavor that the grill imparts on them.

And when they’re paired with the chicken stew, it just takes things to a whole other level.

Zucchini, eggplant, and peppers are my personal favorites for grilling. However, you can grill almost any vegetable and it will taste wonderful.


Cornbread is another classic side dish that goes great with chicken stew. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and it soaks up all of the delicious juices from the stew.

I like to make my cornbread from scratch, but you can also use a box mix. Just make sure to add some extra flavor to it, like cheese or bacon.

A Light Salad

A light salad is the perfect side dish if you’re looking for something healthy and refreshing. It’s a great way to balance out the heaviness of the stew.

I like to use a mix of greens, like spinach and arugula. Then, I add in some diced fruits or vegetables, like apples or tomatoes. Finally, I top it off with a simple vinaigrette dressing.

Basic Brown Rice

If you’re looking for a simple and hearty side dish, then look no further than basic brown rice. It’s the perfect complement to chicken stew.

Brown rice has this nutty flavor that goes so well with the stew. Plus, it’s a great way to bulk up the meal.

I like to cook my rice in chicken broth instead of water. It gives it so much more flavor.

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

These are my go-to side dish when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to prepare anything else. Cheddar cheese biscuits are so easy to make, and they taste delicious.

These biscuits are so good, that you might just want to make a double batch. They’re also perfect for mopping up all of the delicious juices from the stew.

I really like them because they are savory, yet slightly sweet, and they have a nice crunch to them. And whenever I use sharp cheddar cheese for these biscuits, they always come out extra cheesy and delicious.

Polenta Cakes

If you’ve never had polenta cakes, then you’re in for a real treat. They’re one of my favorite side dishes, and they go so well with chicken stew.

The great thing about polenta cakes is that they can be made ahead of time. And, they can be either savory or sweet.

I like to prepare it with cornmeal, Parmesan cheese, and sugar. You may also use any ingredients you choose, as long as they’re edible. *winks*

Oven Roasted Broccoli

This is a great side dish if you’re looking for something healthy and easy to prepare. Oven-roasted broccoli is not only healthy, but it’s also delicious.

It’s an ideal complement to chicken stew since it has a pleasant sweetness to it that blends in well with the dish’s rich tastes.

Plus, it’s packed with nutrients and fiber. So, you can feel good about eating it.

Garlic Crescent Rolls

I’m a huge fan of garlic and this is not just because it’s a great way to ward off vampires. Garlic just has this amazing flavor that I can’t get enough of.

So, it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite side dishes to serve with chicken stew is garlic crescent rolls. The garlic flavor goes so well with the stew.

And, the crescent rolls are so soft and fluffy. They’re the perfect vessel for sopping up all of the deliciousness from the stew.

Dinner Rolls

If you’re curious as to why I’ve included dinner rolls on this list, then it’s because they’re extremely flexible. You may eat them just as they are or use them to sop up the soup.

Plus, they’re really easy to make. You can either get them from the store or make them from scratch. Either way, they’ll taste great.

I like to serve them with a little bit of butter and honey. The sweetness from the honey pairs perfectly with the savory flavors of the chicken stew.


Just the way that garlic crescent rolls go so well with chicken stew, popovers do too. They’re light and airy, yet they have a nice crunch to them.

I found out about popovers from my friend who is a chef. He told me that they’re one of his favorite side dishes to serve with chicken stew.

So, I decided to try them out for myself, and I have to say that he was right. They’re the perfect side dish.

I like that they’re not too sweet, but they still have a little bit of sweetness to them. It’s the perfect balance for the savory flavors of chicken stew.

The great thing about popovers is that you can make them ahead of time. So, if you’re short on time, then this is the perfect side dish for you.

Crusty Homemade Bread

Then, of course, there’s bread. What would a stew be without bread? It just wouldn’t be the same.

There are so many different types of bread that you could serve with chicken stew. But, my personal favorite is crusty homemade bread.

I like to make my own bread because I can control the ingredients. Plus, it just tastes so much better than store-bought bread.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even make your own sourdough starter and bake your own sourdough bread. But, that’s a story for another time. *winks*

Garlic Bread

Again, garlic makes an appearance on this list. But, can you really blame me? Garlic bread is just so darn good.

It’s the perfect side dish for chicken stew because it has a nice crunch to it and the garlic flavor goes so well with the stew.

Plus, it’s really easy to make. You can either get it from the store or make it from scratch. Either way, it’ll taste great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you serve with stew?

There are many different types of side dishes that you could serve with stew. But, some popular ones are French baguette, Jiffy cornbread muffins, green salad, Texas roadhouse seasoned rice, cauliflower mash and Irish mashed potatoes (Colcannon).

What do you serve with chicken casserole?

You can serve chicken casserole with many different types of side dishes, including; lemon pepper roasted broccoli, salad, rice, fruit salad, chutney-glazed carrots, lemon-sesame green beans, applesauce and lemon almond asparagus.

What goes well with beef stew?

Some popular side dishes to serve with beef stew are; boiled potatoes, carrots, celery, dumplings, biscuits, cornbread and rolls. You could also serve a green vegetable like peas or green beans.

What is a good side dish for Brunswick stew?

There are several different side dishes that may be served with Brunswick stew. Barbecue chicken, potato salad, baked beans, cornbread, hush puppies, biscuits and rolls are great options. Collard greens or kale can also be offered as a green vegetable.


There is a fierce debate on what the best side dish is for chicken stew. Some people are of the opinion that bread is the best way to go.

Others believe that a light and airy popover is the perfect complement to chicken stew. And then there are those who think that garlic bread is the only way to go.

Personally, I think that it depends on what you’re in the mood for.

If you want something light and airy, then go for the popovers. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, then bread is the way to go. And if you’re wanting something with a bit of a kick, then garlic bread is your best bet.

No matter what you choose, just make sure that you enjoy it! That’s what really matters in the end.