What to Serve with Flat Iron Steak – 14 Delicious Sides

Flat iron steak is a delicious and healthy food option, but what should you serve with it? In this article, we’ll explain the different options you can try in combination with your flat iron steak. With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that everyone in your family will love!

Side Dishes for Flat Iron Steak:

  1. Mayo-Grilled Coleslaw
  2. Cauliflower Couscous
  3. Cheesy Baked Potato
  4. Fried Goat Cheese with Honey and Black Pepper
  5. Charred Radicchio Wedge Salad
  6. Fries
  7. Cauliflower Gratin with Mornay Sauce
  8. Kimchi Fried Rice
  9. Roasted Vegetables
  10. Grilled Caesar Salad
  11. Yorkshire Pudding
  12. Mac & Cheese
  13. Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake
  14. Creamed Spinach And Parsnips

Mayo-Grilled Coleslaw

Traditional coleslaw is mayonnaise-based, but mayo-grilled coleslaw kicks things up a notch by adding a little sour cream and swapping out white sugar for brown. The result is a creamy and tangy coleslaw with just a touch of sweetness, making it the perfect side dish for flat iron steak.

To make this recipe even easier, you can use a bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix. Just be sure to give the mix a good rinse before adding it to the dressing. This will help to remove any excess moisture so that your coleslaw isn’t watery.

Cauliflower Couscous


Cauliflower couscous is a healthy and flavorful side dish that pairs well with steak. To make it, simply grate a head of cauliflower into small pieces, then sauté it in olive oil until soft. Next, add chicken or vegetable broth and garlic, and simmer for five minutes. Finally, stir in some chopped tomatoes and green onions, and season to taste with salt and pepper.

It is a versatile dish that can be adjusted to suit your taste. For a heartier meal, add grilled chicken or shrimp. Or, for a lighter meal, omit the meat and add extra vegetables. Either way, this flavorful and healthy side dish is sure to please.

Cheesy Baked Potato


One of my favorite meals to make at home is a cheesy baked potato as a side with flat iron steak. I love the creamy taste of the cheese paired with the juicy steak. The potatoes are also a great source of carbohydrates and help to fill me up.

This meal is simple to make and only takes a few minutes to prepare. First, I preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, I wash the potatoes and slice them into thin pieces. Next, I place the potatoes on a baking sheet and drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle on some sea salt and black pepper for flavor. Finally, I bake the potatoes in the oven for 20 minutes.

While the potatoes are baking, I cook the steak on a stovetop grill pan. Once everything is cooked, I plate the potatoes and steak and enjoy!

Fried Goat Cheese with Honey and Black Pepper

Fried goat cheese with honey and black pepper is a delicious and easy-to-prepare side dish that pairs perfectly with a juicy flat iron steak. The combination of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors is irresistible, and the crispy coating on the goat cheese provides a nice contrast to the tender steak.

To prepare the dish, simply dust the goat cheese in flour, then dip it in a beaten egg. Next, coat the cheese in a mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and black pepper. Finally, fry the coated cheese in hot oil until golden brown. Serve immediately with honey and black pepper for dipping, alongside flat iron steak.

Charred Radicchio Wedge Salad

Looking for a delicious and impressive side dish to serve with your next steak dinner? Look no further than this recipe for charred radicchio wedge salad. Radicchio is a type of endive that has a slightly bitter flavor and crisp texture. When chopped and grilled, it makes the perfect accompaniment to a juicy steak.

The salad is also topped with crumbled blue cheese, candied walnuts, and a simple balsamic vinaigrette. This dish can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature, making it perfect for entertaining. So go ahead and impress your guests with this show-stopping side dish.



One thing that everyone can agree on is that steak is best served with a delicious side dish. And when it comes to side dishes, fries are a cut above the rest. Crispy, golden fries are perfect for soaking up the juices from a juicy steak.

They’re also great for dipping into sauces or gravy. Next time you’re grilling up a steak, be sure to serve it with a side of fries. Your taste buds will thank you!

Cauliflower Gratin with Mornay Sauce

Cauliflower gratin with mornay sauce is the perfect side to pair with a flat iron steak. The rich and creamy sauce complements the steak perfectly, and the crispy top is a bonus.

To make this dish, start by blanching the cauliflower in boiling water for two minutes. Then, drain the cauliflower and mix it with the Mornay sauce. Spread the mixture into a baking dish, top with cheese, and bake for 15 minutes. Once it’s out of the oven, let the gratin rest for five minutes before serving. Enjoy!

Kimchi Fried Rice


As any chef will tell you, a good meal is all about balance. You need a mix of flavors and textures to tantalize the taste buds. That’s why I always recommend pairing the mouth-watering flat iron steak with a side of kimchi fried rice.

The savory steak is the perfect foil for the slightly spicy and tangy rice. Plus, the fried rice has a wonderful crispy texture that contrasts nicely with the tender steak. It’s a match made in culinary heaven! So if you’re planning a special dinner, be sure to include kimchi fried rice on your menu. Your guests will be glad you did!

Roasted Vegetables


When it comes to steak, most people think of serving it with roasted potatoes or some kind of potato dish. But why not mix things up a bit and try serving your steak with roasted vegetables? This is a great way to get all the nutrients from the veggies without having to eat them plain.

Plus, the roast effect brings out the natural sweetness in the vegetables, making them even more delicious. And don’t worry, your steak will still be the star of the show. Just think of the roasted veggies as a delicious and healthy sidekick.

Grilled Caesar Salad


Grilled Caesar Salad is the perfect accompaniment to any grilled steak. The romaine lettuce is charred on the grill, giving it a smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the steak. The salad is finished with a creamy caesar dressing, croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese. If you fire up the grill, don’t forget to include grilled caesar salad on your menu. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Yorkshire Pudding


When it comes to steak, I like to keep things simple. A good cut of meat, a little salt and pepper, and that’s it. But when it comes to sides, I like to get a little more creative. And that’s where Yorkshire pudding comes in.

For those of you who don’t know, Yorkshire pudding is a traditional English dish made from batter and typically served as a side with roast beef. The batter is made from eggs, flour, milk, and fat (usually beef drippings), and it’s cooked in a hot oven until it puffs up and forms a golden crust.

So why pair Yorkshire pudding with flat iron steak? First of all, the rich, savory flavor of the pudding complements the steak perfectly. But more importantly, the puffiness of the pudding helps to lighten up any heavy meal. And trust me, after a few bites of steak and potatoes, you’re going to need something light!

There you have it: my favorite way to enjoy flat iron steak. Give it a try next time you’re in the mood for something hearty!

Mac & Cheese


Few things are as comforting as a big bowl of mac & cheese. The gooey cheese, the creamy sauce, the satisfying crunch of the pasta… it’s no wonder this dish is a favorite among kids and adults alike.

And what could be better than enjoying a big bowl of mac & cheese as a side with a delicious flat iron steak? The rich flavor of the steak pairs perfectly with the creamy goodness of the mac & cheese, making for a truly irresistible combination.

Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake

Who doesn’t love a good Hasselback potato? They’re crispy, creamy, and just all-around delicious. But did you know that they also make an excellent side dish?

That’s right – Hasselback potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to a juicy steak. And when you combine them with a delicious skillet bake, you’ve got a meal that’s fit for a king or queen.

Creamed Spinach and Parsnips

A well-rounded meal should have a bit of everything, so why not try something new with your next steak dinner? Creamed spinach and parsnips are a unique and delicious combination that is sure to please your palate.

The earthy flavors of the parsnips are a perfect complement to the creamy spinach, and the steak provides a hearty and satisfying main course. Go ahead and give this unusual side dish a try – you may just find that it’s your new favorite way to eat spinach and parsnips.

Other options include

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Kale & Mint Salad
  • Sweet-Corn Salad with Buttermilk Dressing
  • Tahini Roasted Broccoli
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Roasted Potato Salad
  • Roasted Mushroom Salad
  • Mustard Green Salad with Maple-Roasted Acorn Squash
  • Roasted Onion Salad with Arugula and Walnut Salsa
  • Grilled Brussels Sprouts
  • Asparagus

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cook a flat iron steak?

For the perfect flat iron steak, we recommend using a two-zone fire. Sear the steak on one side over direct heat until it’s nicely charred, then move it to the indirect heat zone to finish cooking through. This will give you a juicy, flavorful steak that’s cooked to perfection!

What is the best way to season a flat iron steak?

There are many different ways you can season your flat iron steak. We recommend using a simple mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. This will give the steak a great flavor without overwhelming it. You can also experiment with other herbs and spices to find what you like best!

What is a good side dish for flat iron steak?

Some of our favorite side dishes for flat iron steak include roasted vegetables, grilled caesar salad, and mashed potatoes.

What is the best way to cook a flat iron steak?

The best way to cook a flat iron steak is to grill it. However, you can also cook it in a skillet on the stovetop. If you are cooking it in a skillet, be sure to use a little bit of oil or butter to prevent it from sticking.


As you can see, there are many different options you can choose from when it comes to what to serve with flat iron steak. With so many great options, you must have found something that everyone in your family will love! We hope this article has helped you decide on what to make for your next meal!