What to Serve with a Gammon Joint: 25 Perfect Side Dishes

What to serve with a gammon joint is often a question that comes up when someone is preparing this delicious ham dish. A gammon joint is the perfect main course for any meal, but what should you serve as the perfect side dish?

I remember the first time I ever had a gammon joint. It was at my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving, and I was in awe of how delicious it was. I had never tasted anything like it before, and I was excited to find out what to serve with a gammon joint.

Since then, I have experimented with many different side dishes, and I have found that some stand-outs always pair well with this ham dish. I researched further on the topic and did some extra trials and errors in the kitchen until I was confident in what I had found to be the best side dishes for a gammon joint!

What To Serve With A Gammon Joint

  1. Dauphinoise Potatoes
  2. Pease Pudding
  3. Corn On The Cob
  4. Pickles
  5. Fried Eggs
  6. Indian Potato Salad
  7. Spiced Peaches
  8. Bacon
  9. Creamed Spinach
  10. Cauliflower Cheese

Dauphinoise Potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes are a French dish made with thinly sliced potatoes, heavy cream, and Gruyere cheese. The potatoes are layered in a baking dish, and the cream and cheese are poured over the top. The dish is then baked until the potatoes are tender and the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Dauphinoise potatoes have a rich, creamy flavor that pairs well with the salty flavor of the gammon joint. The dish is also fairly simple to prepare, and it can be made ahead of time and reheated before serving. However, Dauphinoise potatoes can be quite high in calories, so it is important to enjoy them in moderation.

When preparing Dauphinoise potatoes, be sure to use a sharp knife to thinly slice the potatoes. This will help ensure that they cook evenly in the oven. It is also important to use full-fat dairy products for the best flavor and texture.

Pease Pudding

When it comes to side dishes, many different options can complement a Gammon Joint. One option that is often overlooked is Pease Pudding. This is a type of porridge made from peas, water, and salt. It has a thick, creamy texture and a slightly sweet flavor.

Pease Pudding can be served hot or cold and can be either savory or sweet, depending on how it is prepared. When served as a side dish, it will help to round out the flavors of the Gammon Joint. The sweetness of the pudding will contrast the salty gammon, while the creamy texture will complement the tenderness of the meat.

Corn On The Cob

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy Corn On The Cob. This sweet and crunchy side dish is a delicious addition to any meal. And when paired with Gammon Joint, it makes for a perfect summertime feast.

Corn On The Cob is best enjoyed fresh, so look for ears that are plump and have brightly colored kernels. The husks should be green and free of brown spots.

To cook, simply boil the corn in water for about 5 minutes. Then, remove from the water and add butter, salt, and pepper to taste. For an extra touch of flavor, try grilling the corn on the cob instead of boiling it. Simply place the ears on a hot grill and cook for about 10 minutes, turning periodically.


One of the best choices for a side dish for Gammon Joint is Pickles. This dish is not only mouth-watering, but it also has a unique taste and texture that will complement the Gammon Joint perfectly.

Pickles are typically made from cucumbers, vinegar, and spices. The cucumbers are soaked in vinegar and spices for several hours or days, depending on the recipe. This gives the pickles their distinct flavor and also helps to preserve them.

When choosing pickles as a side dish for Gammon Joint, it is important to select a variety that is not too sweet or too sour. The perfect pickle should have a balance of flavors that will complement the Gammon Joint without overpowering it.

In addition, the pickles should be crisp and firm, not mushy or soft. For the best results, I suggest using dill pickles or sweet pickles that have been refrigerated for at least 24 hours.

Fried Eggs

When it comes to side dishes, there are few things as versatile as eggs. They can be poached, scrambled, boiled, or, in this case, fried. Fried eggs are a classic choice for a reason: they’re delicious.

The rich yolk and crispy edges make for a winning combination that is sure to please any palate. Plus, they’re easy to make. Simply fry up some eggs in a bit of butter or oil, and you’re good to go.

Fried eggs are the perfect partner for gammon joints because their rich flavor helps to balance out the salty taste of the ham. And, because gammon is quite lean, the fatty yolks help to add some much-needed richness to the dish.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when frying eggs:

  • Be sure not to overcook them; the yolks should be starting to set but still nice and runny.
  • Make sure that your skillet is hot enough so that the whites get nice and crispy around the edges.

Indian Potato Salad

Indian Potato Salad is the perfect side dish for Gammon Joint. It is flavorful and has a great texture that complements the taste and texture of the Gammon Joint. The salad is also very healthy and is a good source of fiber and vitamins.

However, there are some downsides to using Indian Potato Salad as a side dish. The salad can be quite spicy, so it is important to adjust the number of spices used according to your taste. Additionally, the salad can be quite messy and can make the Gammon Joint look unappetizing.

Spiced Peaches

What side dish should you serve with this classic summertime dish? Spiced peaches are a great option! Spiced peaches make the perfect side dish for Gammon Joint. They are sweet and juicy with a hint of spice, and they complement the rich flavor of the ham perfectly. Plus, the peaches add a beautiful pop of color to your plate.

Just be careful not to overcook the peaches, or they will lose their vibrant color and become mushy. When grilling, keep an eye on the peaches and remove them from the heat as soon as they are lightly charred. This will ensure that they retain their flavor and texture.


Bacon is a delicious cured meat that is made from pork belly. It has a salty, savory flavor that is offset by a slight sweetness. The texture of bacon is chewy and fatty, with a crispy outer layer.

This makes it the perfect side dish for Gammon Joint. The bacon fat will help moisten the dry, overcooked meat, and the salty flavor will complement the gammon.

Important things to note when pairing bacon with gammon joint:

  • Be sure to cook the bacon until it is crisp. Otherwise, it will simply add more fat to an already fatty dish.
  • Use only a small amount of bacon, as it is very rich and can easily overwhelm the other flavors in the dish.
  • Consider serving the bacon on the side so that each person can add as much or as little as they like.

Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach is a side dish made from spinach leaves that have been cooked down and then pureed with milk or cream, and often other ingredients such as cheese, nutmeg, and pepper. The result is a smooth, rich, and flavorful spinach puree that pairs perfectly with the gammon joint.

Creamed Spinach has a slight bitterness from the spinach leaves, but the milk and cream help to balance out the flavor. Additionally, the cheese adds a creamy sweetness to the dish that pairs nicely with the salty gammon. And, the nutmeg adds a warm depth of flavor that enhances the overall taste of the dish.

The texture of Creamed Spinach is smooth and creamy, making it the perfect contrast to the crispy skin and tender meat of the gammon joint. When cooked correctly, Creamed Spinach is an incredibly delicious and satisfying side dish that will elevate your Gammon Joint to new heights.

Important things to note when pairing creamed spinach with gammon joint:

  • Cook the spinach leaves until they are very tender before pureeing them. This will help to create a smooth texture.
  • Be careful not to overcook the spinach puree; it should only be simmered for a few minutes once all of the ingredients have been added.
  • Season the puree well with salt and pepper before serving.

Cauliflower Cheese

For many people, cauliflower cheese is the ultimate comfort food. A creamy sauce made with cheddar cheese and a hint of mustard envelop tender cooked cauliflower, providing a rich and satisfying dish.

While it can be enjoyed on its own, cauliflower cheese also makes an excellent side dish for gammon joints. Its creamy texture pairs well with the salty gammon, while the sharpness of the cheese helps to cut through the richness of the meat. When served warm, cauliflower cheese is sure to please even the most discerning diners.

Of course, no dish is perfect. Cauliflower cheese can be quite heavy, so it may not be suitable for those looking for a light meal. And because it contains dairy, it’s not ideal for those who are lactose intolerant.

Related Questions When Choosing What To Serve With A Gammon Joint

What are other options when choosing what to serve with a gammon joint?

  1. Spiced Red Cabbage
  2. Carrot And Swede Mash
  3. Piccalilli
  4. Pineapple Fritters
  5. Mustard Glazed Roasted New Potatoes
  6. Honey Roasted Carrots And Parsnips
  7. Onion Rings
  8. Gravy
  9. Green Beans
  10. Mashed Potatoes
  11. Sweet Potato Fries
  12. Garlic Rice Pilaf
  13. Cheese Sauce
  14. Green Salad
  15. Tartar Sauce

Do you take the string off the gammon before cooking?

No, you should not remove the string or netting of the gammon before cooking. It should stay intact as you cook the meat so that it keeps its shape as it simmers. You can remove it when it has already been cooked and is ready to be served.

How do you keep roast gammon moist?

Make sure that you bring out your gammon every 15 to 20 minutes to baste it so that it stays juicy and moist and does not dry out

To stop your gammon from drying out in the oven, or your glaze from burning due to the high sugar content, bring your gammon out and baste every 15-20 minutes to ensure it keeps moist and juicy!


There you have it! A comprehensive guide to what to serve with a gammon joint. I hope this helped you determine the perfect side dishes for your next meal.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out! Your guests will be sure to enjoy it. And don’t be scared to experiment – there are plenty of other options out there. So get creative and have fun!