What to Serve with Cabbage Rolls (20+ Ideas You Can Try)

If you’re looking for a delicious side dish to complement your cabbage rolls, you’re in luck. There are many options to choose from, and you’re sure to find one you love.

But finding the perfect side dish can be a challenge. There are so many recipes online, and knowing which ones will pair well with your dish can be hard.

I’ve experienced the same thing myself. I’ve tried dozens of recipes but haven’t always found the perfect one. That’s why I decided to share this article with a list of side dishes that I’ve tried over the last few months. These dishes are all delicious, and they’ll perfectly complement your cabbage rolls.

Side Dishes for Cabbage Rolls

  1. Roasted Broccoli
  2. Goulash
  3. Sauteed Mushrooms
  4. Corn Salad
  5. Grilled Sweet Potatoes
  6. Applesauce
  7. Tomato Soup
  8. Garlic Bread
  9. Grilled Asparagus
  10. Bean Salad
  11. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
  12. Buttermilk Coleslaw
  13. Roasted Carrots
  14. Cornbread
  15. Yogurt

Roasted Broccoli

Roasted broccoli may not be the most glamorous of side dishes for cabbage rolls, but it is one of the most delicious. The key to making roasted broccoli that is both crispy and full of flavor is to start with fresh, high-quality broccoli.

Cut the broccoli into uniform pieces, and toss with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Then, roast in a hot oven until the broccoli is crisp and slightly browned.

The result is a side dish that is packed with flavor and sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Therefore the next time you are looking for a tasty and healthy side dish for cabbage rolls, be sure to give roasted broccoli a try.



Goulash is a hearty side dish for cabbage rolls, as it typically consists of beef or pork stewed in a paprika-infused tomato sauce, and it is often served with noodles or dumplings.

When paired with cabbage rolls, it adds a touch of comfort to this summertime meal. And because it can be made in advance, it’s the perfect dish for entertaining unexpected guests.

Next time you’re looking for a unique side dish, think outside the box and give goulash a try. Your guests will be glad you did.

Sauteed Mushrooms

There’s something about mushrooms that just screams “fancy.” Maybe it’s their elegant shape or their propensity for appearing in haute cuisine. Whatever the reason, mushrooms have a reputation for being fancy.

But in reality, they’re just as comfortable as a side for cabbage rolls as they are on a three-star Michelin menu. And while they may look tricky to cook, mushrooms are quite easy to work with.

One of the simplest and most delicious ways to prepare mushrooms is to sauté them. Sautéing brings out the natural flavor of mushrooms and gives them a beautiful color. Simply add some butter or oil to a pan, then cook the mushrooms until their soft and golden brown. And like that, they’re ready to be enjoyed.

Corn Salad

Corn salad is a delicious and nutritious way to add some zip to your cabbage rolls. Its slightly nutty flavor is pleasantly offset by a hint of sweetness, and it is an excellent source of vitamins as well as iron and fiber.

Whether you’re looking for a flavorful side dish for cabbage rolls or a simple way to boost your nutrient intake, corn salad is a great choice. Go ahead and give this versatile little vegetable a try. You just might be surprised by its taste.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

To lighten things up while eating a hearty serving of cabbage rolls, try serving them with grilled sweet potatoes as a side. The sweetness of the potatoes is the perfect complement to the richness of the cabbage rolls, and the smoky flavor of the grill adds an extra layer of depth.

Best of all, this dish is easy to make and can be on the table in no time. So try it today.


Who would have thought that applesauce would make such a great side dish for cabbage rolls? Certainly not me. But after doing some research, I discovered that this pairing is quite popular in many parts of the world.

And it makes sense when you think about it – the sweetness of the applesauce helps to offset the richness of the cabbage rolls, and the two dishes complement each other perfectly.

Tomato Soup

Sure, you could serve a boring side dish with your cabbage rolls. But where’s the fun in that? If you want to impress your dinner guests, try serving homemade tomato soup as a side dish.

Trust us, it’s the perfect complement to the richness of the cabbage rolls. Plus, it’ll give them something to talk about long after they finish their meal.

Garlic Bread

Serving cabbage rolls with a side of garlic bread is a great idea since the bread soaks up the flavorful sauce, and the garlic adds a nice zesty flavor. Plus, it’s an easy way to get your daily dose of garlic! If you’re looking for a delicious and easy side dish to accompany your cabbage rolls, give garlic bread a try.

Grilled Asparagus

Asparagus is a delicious and healthy vegetable that can make a great addition to any meal. While it can be enjoyed raw or steamed, I think that grilled asparagus makes a wonderful side dish. The high heat of the grill helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the asparagus, and the smoky flavor pairs well with cabbage rolls.

To grill asparagus, simply trim the ends of the spears and then toss them with a bit of olive oil. Then, place them on a hot grill and cook for about five minutes, flipping once, or until they are tender and lightly charred. For an extra bit of flavor, try sprinkling some parmesan cheese on top before serving. Enjoy!

Bean Salad

A bean salad is the perfect side dish for cabbage rolls. It’s healthy, filling, and can be made ahead of time. Plus, there are endless possibilities for customization. For example, you could add diced tomatoes, onions, or peppers for extra flavor and color.

Or, for a heartier salad, mix in some chopped cooked chicken or hard-boiled eggs. The possibilities are endless! So next time you’re serving cabbage rolls, be sure to include a bean salad on your menu!

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Cauliflower mac and cheese is a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional mac and cheese. Cauliflower is a nutrient-rich vegetable that is high in fiber and low in calories, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their health.

The cheese sauce is made with a blend of cheddar and parmesan cheeses, offering a rich, creamy flavor that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. For an extra boost of protein, cauliflower mac and cheese can be made with quinoa instead of pasta. And this hearty dish is sure to become a new family favorite in no time!

Buttermilk Coleslaw

Let me share with you my recipe for the perfect buttermilk coleslaw. First, you’ll need to shred your cabbage. I like to use a mix of green and red cabbage for color, but you can use whatever type of cabbage you prefer. Once the cabbage is shredded, add in some grated carrots and sliced onions.

For the dressing, whisk together equal parts buttermilk and mayonnaise, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and some sugar. Season the dressing to taste with salt and pepper, then pour it over the cabbage mixture.

Stir until everything is evenly coated and let the coleslaw sit for at least an hour before serving, to allow the flavors to meld together. Serve chilled or at room temperature and enjoy it alongside your cabbage rolls!

Roasted Carrots

When it comes to side dishes for cabbage rolls, roasted carrots are a real winner. Not only are they healthy and full of nutrients, but they also have a delicious sweetness that pairs well with cabbage rolls.

Plus, they’re super easy to make. Simply toss some carrots in a bit of olive oil and sea salt, then roast them in a preheated oven until they’re tender and slightly browned.

The result is a simple yet tasty dish that your loved ones will be sure to enjoy. So next time you’re looking for the perfect side, give roasted carrots a try. You won’t be disappointed.


outhern staple, cornbread is a delicious and easy-to-make side dish that pairs well with cabbage rolls. Traditionally made with yellow or white cornmeal, it can also be made with whole wheat flour, making it a nutritious option as well.

A classic cornbread recipe includes milk, eggs, butter, and sugar, but many variations add additional flavorings such as honey, cheese, bacon, or jalapeños.

It can be enjoyed plain or topped with fruit, jam, or honey, or can also be sandwiched around meats or vegetables. Whether you’re looking for a simple side or a satisfying meal, it is a versatile option that is sure to please.


While cabbage rolls are a delicious and hearty dish, they can sometimes be a little too heavy. Adding a dollop of yogurt on top lightens things up a bit, and also provides a lovely contrast in texture.

The cool and creamy yogurt helps to cut through the richness of the cabbage rolls, making them more enjoyable to eat. Plus, the yogurt adds an extra boost of protein to the dish, making it even more filling.

Other Options

  • Braised Leeks
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Potato Pancakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use frozen cabbage for cabbage rolls?

Yes, you can use frozen cabbage for cabbage rolls. Just thaw it out before using.

How long do cabbage rolls take to cook?

Cabbage rolls typically take about an hour to cook.

Are cabbage rolls healthy?

Cabbage rolls are healthy because they are made with fresh ingredients. Additionally, they are low in calories and provide a good amount of fiber.


So what are some good options to serve with cabbage rolls? Well, roasted carrots or cornbread are both simple and tasty choices. If you’re looking for something a bit more hearty, try mashed potatoes or braised leeks. And don’t forget the yogurt! A dollop of yogurt on top of your cabbage rolls is a great way to lighten up your meal.

This article gives you all the ideas you need to get before starting cooking. So start cooking these amazing side dishes to surprise your guests today!

What to Serve with Cabbage Rolls (20+ Ideas You Can Try)

Here are 20 fantastic side dish ideas to round out your menu
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Asian
Servings 4
Calories 390 kcal


  • Roasted Broccoli
  • Goulash
  • Sauteed Mushrooms
  • Corn Salad
  • Grilled Sweet Potatoes
  • Applesauce
  • Tomato Soup
  • Garlic Bread
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Bean Salad
  • Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
  • Buttermilk Coleslaw
  • Roasted Carrots
  • Cornbread
  • Yogurt


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