What To Serve With Toad In The Hole : 25 Amazing Ideas to Try

What to serve with toad in the hole? That is a question that many people have when they are making this popular British dish. I remember when my mom would always make a toad in the hole for dinner. It was one of my favorite dishes.

And, since I love trying new recipes, I decided to make it for my family the other night. But, I wasn’t sure what to serve as a side dish. So, I did some research and found some great recipes that go well with toad in the hole.

Now, what should you serve as your side dish? Here are some ideas!

What To Serve With Toad In The Hole

  1. Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  2. Tomato And Cucumber Salad
  3. Roasted Carrots
  4. Cabbage
  5. Kale
  6. Asparagus And Tomatoes
  7. Sweet Potato Fries
  8. Spinach
  9. Coleslaw
  10. Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts are a sweet and nutty side dish that pairs perfectly with a toad in the hole. Smoky and charred, these little nuggets of goodness are packed with fiber and nutrients. While they may not be the traditional choice for a toad in the hole side dish, they are a healthier option that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Here are a few tips to get the best results:

  • Trim the ends of the sprouts before cooking to avoid any bitterness.
  • Cut the sprouts in half so they will cook evenly.
  • Toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper before roasting.
  • Roast at a high temperature (400 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20-25 minutes, stirring halfway through. This will give you crisp, caramelized Brussels sprouts that are packed with flavor.

Tomato And Cucumber Salad

Tomato and Cucumber Salad is the perfect healthy summertime side dish for Toad in the Hole. This classic salad is light, refreshing, and pairs perfectly with the savory sausage and egg dish.

The key to a good Tomato and Cucumber Salad is to use fresh ingredients – ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a bright vinaigrette. Add some fresh herbs for extra flavor, and you’ve got a delicious salad that is healthy and satisfying.

While it’s easy to make Tomato and Cucumber Salad, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Be sure to slice the cucumbers thinly, so they don’t overwhelm the other ingredients.
  • Add the dressing sparingly – you want the salad to be lightly dressed, not drenched in vinaigrette.
  • Taste as you go and adjust the seasoning as necessary.

Roasted Carrots

Roasted carrots are a perfect side dish for Toad in the Hole. They are earthy and lightly charred, with a hint of sweetness. Plus, they are packed with nutrients like fiber and beta-carotene.

Roasted carrots can be served with a variety of dipping sauces, or simply with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Just be sure to use high-quality ingredients. And if you’re looking for an extra dose of flavor, try roasting them with a few cloves of garlic.


Cabbage is a hearty and versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. When it comes to Toad in the Hole, cabbage is an excellent choice as a side dish. While it can be bitter, some varieties are quite sweet, making it a versatile ingredient. Plus, it is also very nutritious, providing plenty of vitamins and minerals.

When pairing cabbage with Toad in the Hole, be sure to choose a variety that will complement the other flavors in the dish. For example, if the Toad in the Hole is served with a sweet sauce, bitter cabbage would not be a good choice. However, if the dish is savory, bitter cabbage would be an excellent option.


While many delicious side dishes can be paired with Toad in the Hole, kale is a great option for those looking for a healthy alternative. Kale is dark, leafy green with an earthy taste that can be strong for some.

When raw, kale can become dry and tough if not done properly. However, when cooked right, kale makes a great addition to Toad in the Hole.

With that, here are some tips for cooking kale:

  • Massage the kale: This may seem strange, but massaging the kale will help to break down the tough fibers and make them more tender.
  • Add acid: A little acidity can go a long way in helping to soften the kale. Try adding a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to your dish.
  • Cook it low and slow: Unlike other greens, kale does best when cooked slowly over low heat. This helps to prevent it from becoming dry and bitter.

Asparagus And Tomatoes

There are many different ways to enjoy toad in the hole, and one delicious option is to pair it with asparagus and tomatoes.

This earthy side dish is the perfect complement to the savory sausage, and the acidity of the tomatoes helps to balance out the richness of the gravy. Plus, it’s a healthy option that’s packed with vitamins and minerals.

To make this dish, simply roast some asparagus and tomatoes in olive oil until they’re tender. Then, serve them alongside your Toad in the hole. And if you’re looking for an extra bit of flavor, try sprinkling some Parmesan cheese on top.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries make an excellent side dish for toad in the hole. They are starchy and have a mild, sweet flavor that pairs well with the rich gravy and savory sausage.

Additionally, sweet potato fries are a healthier option than traditional French fries. They are lower in calories and fat, and they contain beneficial nutrients like vitamin A and potassium.

However, sweet potato fries can be tricky to make. They should be cut into uniform pieces so they cook evenly, and they should be cooked at a high temperature to achieve the desired crispy texture. But with a little bit of practice, you can master the art of making perfect sweet potato fries.


Spinach is a great choice for a toad in The Hole because it is refreshing, robust, and acidic when cooked. It is also sweet, making it a perfect replacement for mashed potatoes.

When pairing spinach with a toad in the hole, you can either cook the spinach in the same pan as the toad in the hole, or you can cook it separately and serve it on the side. If you choose to cook it separately, be sure to use a little bit of oil to prevent sticking.

Moreover, spinach can also be wilted in the pan after the toad in the hole has been cooked. This will give your dish a more robust flavor. But whatever method you choose, be sure to add a little bit of salt to taste. Spinach is a healthy and flavorful side dish that pairs well with Toad In The Hole.


If you’re in the mood for something sour and crunchy to accompany your Toad In The Hole, coleslaw is the perfect side dish.

This dish is traditionally made with shredded cabbage and carrots, but you can also add other vegetables like celery or red onions. And for a bit of sweetness, try adding in some raisins or dried cranberries.

Not only is coleslaw versatile and a delicious way to round out your meal, but it’s also packed with vitamins and antioxidants. But when combining Toad In The Hole with coleslaw, there are a few things to note:

  • The sourness of the dressing will offset the savoriness of the sausage. So if you’re using a particularly sweet sausage, you may want to tone down the sweetness of the coleslaw by using less sugar in the dressing.
  • The crunchiness of the cabbage will contrast nicely with the softness of the dough. But if you’re not a fan of crunchy cabbage, you can always cook it beforehand to soften it up.
  • Remember that coleslaw is best when it’s fresh, so don’t make it too far in advance. Otherwise, the cabbage will start to wilt and the flavors may become muted.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes are the perfect side dish for Toad In The Hole. They are waxy and velvety, with a moist texture that pairs well with the crispy batter of the Toad In The Hole. roasted potatoes also have several health benefits. They are a good source of fiber and antioxidants, and they can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

However, there are some tips you need to remember when preparing roasted potatoes.

  • Waxy varieties of potatoes will hold their shape better during cooking, while starchy varieties will become more fluffy and creamy.
  • Be sure to roast the potatoes until they are tender and golden brown. This will give them the best flavor and texture.
  • Don’t forget to season the potatoes generously with salt and pepper before roasting.

Related Questions When Choosing What To Serve With Toad In The Hole

What are other options when choosing what to serve with toad in the hole?

  1. Fresh Salad
  2. Apple Slaw
  3. Whiskey Bacon And Onion Chutney
  4. Sauteed Peppers And Onions
  5. Watercress Salad
  6. Drunken Mushrooms
  7. Lemon Parmesan Green Beans
  8. Cauliflower Cheese
  9. British Baked Beans
  10. Carrot And Swede Mash
  11. Sweet Peas With Brown Butter
  12. Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
  13. Cranberry Sauce
  14. Arugula Salad With Peas
  15. Onion Gravy

What are some tips when choosing what to serve with toad in the hole?

When choosing what to serve with toad in the hole, keep in mind that the dish is savory and hearty. As such, it pairs well with side dishes that are fresh and crunchy, like salads and slaws.

It also goes well with roasted or mashed potatoes. And for a bit of sweetness, try serving it with cranberry sauce or apple slaw. Also, don’t forget to add a bit of salt and pepper to taste.


Toad In The Hole is a delicious and hearty dish that can be enjoyed any time of year. Whether you’re looking for traditional British comfort food or a new and exciting way to enjoy sausage, this dish is sure to please.

And with so many delicious side dishes to choose from, you’ll be able to create the perfect meal for any occasion. So what are you waiting for? Give these side dishes a try today!