What To Serve With Fried Okra (20 Tasty Sides to Try)

When you serve up a dish of fried okra, what do you serve as its sidekick? Do you know what goes well with this Southern classic? If not, no worries! I’m here to help.

In this article, I will list some recipes that will complement your fried okra perfectly. So whether you’re serving it at a potluck or just whipping it up for your family, you’ll have some delicious options to choose from!

What To Serve With Fried Okra

  1. Coleslaw
  2. Cheese
  3. Fried Chicken
  4. Lemon
  5. Tomato
  6. Yogurt Sauce
  7. Rice
  8. Beef Barbecue
  9. Brisket
  10. Grilled Burgers


Coleslaw is a common side dish made from shredded cabbage and carrots mixed with mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, and spices.

It can be used as a side dish for fried okra, grilled chicken, fish tacos, or burgers. It is also a common ingredient in deli sandwiches. Coleslaw is a good source of vitamins A and C, and it can also help to add flavor and texture to a dish.

When choosing a coleslaw recipe, consider what flavors will pair well with the other ingredients in the dish. For example, if you are making fish tacos, you might want to try coleslaw with lime juice and cilantro. If you are grilling chicken, you might want to try coleslaw with Dijon mustard and honey.


One of my all-time favorite side dishes is fried okra. One of the things that I love about it is that it pairs well with so many different main dishes. Another great thing about it is that it’s relatively easy to make. And, of course, it’s delicious!

One of the things that make fried okra such a great side dish is its versatility. It can be used as a side for almost any type of the main dish, from chicken to fish to beef. It’s also a great side for vegetarian dishes. And, because it’s so flavorful, it can help to round out a meal.

Another benefit of fried okra is that it’s relatively healthy. Fried foods are often thought of as being unhealthy, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

When made with fresh ingredients and cooked in healthy oils, fried okra can be quite nutritious. And, because it’s packed with vegetables, it’s a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is a popular side dish for many recipes, but it can also be a great side dish for fried okra. It adds a delicious crunch to the okra, and it also helps to absorb some of the excess oil. This makes fried okra a healthier option than other side dishes, such as french fries or onion rings.

In addition, fried chicken can be a great way to add protein to your diet. Chicken is a lean protein that is low in fat and calories, making it a healthy option for those watching their weight. Fried chicken also goes well with other side dishes, such as mashed potatoes or coleslaw.


Lemon is a great side dish for fried okra because it adds a bright, acidic note that cuts through the rich, fried flavors of the dish.

Okra can be a bit heavy, so the acidity of lemon helps to brighten it up and provide some balance. In addition, the lemon peel adds a nice bitterness that pairs well with the okra. And, of course, lemon is always a classic pairing with fried food.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you could try pairing the okra with another citrus fruit, like grapefruit or orange. Or, if you want to keep it simple, just squeeze some fresh lemon juice over your okra before serving.


Tomatoes are a classic side dish for fried okra. There are many benefits to using tomatoes as a side dish.

  • First, they add color and contrast to the okra.
  • Second, they add a slight acidity that helps to cut through the richness of the okra.
  • Third, they provide a sweetness that helps to balance out the spiciness of the okra.
  • Finally, tomatoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

When choosing a recipe for fried okra, look for one that includes tomatoes as an ingredient. If you are using canned tomatoes, be sure to drain them before adding them to the dish.

Yogurt Sauce

The yogurt sauce is an excellent side dish for fried okra. Not only does it add a delicious tangy flavor to the okra, but it also helps to cut through the richness of the fried coating. In addition, yogurt sauce is a healthy option that is low in calories and fat.

When choosing a yogurt sauce to accompany your fried okra, look for one that is made with low-fat or non-fat yogurt. You can also add some chopped fresh herbs, such as dill or parsley, for extra flavor.


Rice is a versatile side dish that can be used in many different recipes. Fried okra is a popular dish that often uses rice as a side. There are many benefits to using rice as a side dish for fried okra.

  • First, rice helps to absorb the oil from the fried okra, making it less greasy.
  • Second, rice adds bulk and substance to the dish, making it more filling and satisfying.
  • Third, rice compliments the flavor of the fried okra, adding a subtle sweetness and depth of flavor.
  • Fourth, rice is a healthy grain that is high in fiber and low in calories.
  • Finally, rice is easy to cook and can be made ahead of time, making it a convenient and hassle-free side dish.

Beef Barbecue

As any barbecue enthusiast knows, beef and okra are a classic combination. The smoky flavor of the beef pairs perfectly with the crispy okra, and the two ingredients complement each other perfectly. However, many people are unsure how to cook this classic dish.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to make beef barbecue as a side dish for fried okra. Simply cook the beef in a smoker or grill until it is cooked through. Then, in a separate pan, fry the okra in a small amount of oil until it is golden brown and crispy.

Once both components are cooked, simply combine them and serve them immediately. This dish can be enjoyed on its own or as a side dish for grilled chicken or fish.


Southern delicacies such as fried okra and brisket are often served as side dishes. While both of these items are delicious on their own, they can also be paired together to create a mouth-watering dish.

The key to making this dish successfully is to strike the right balance between the two flavors. Too much okra can overwhelm the taste buds, while too much brisket can make the dish too fatty.

When made correctly, this dish is the perfect combination of salty and savory, with a hint of sweetness from the brisket. This pairing is also ideal because it offers a variety of textures, from the crispy fried okra to the tender brisket.

Grilled Burgers

A grilled burger is the perfect side dish for fried okra. The burgers are juicy and flavorful, and they pair perfectly with the crispy okra. The okra provides a crunchy contrast to the tender burgers, and the two dishes complement each other perfectly.

The burgers can also be cooked to your liking, so you can enjoy them rare or well-done. And because the burgers are grilled, they’re a healthier option than fried burgers.

Commonly Asked Questions When Choosing What To Serve With Fried Okra

What are other options when choosing what to serve with fried okra?

  1. Pulled Pork With Alabama White Barbecue Sauce
  2. Southern Baked Chicken Parmesan
  3. One-Pot Southern Pork Chop
  4. Sheet Pan New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp
  5. Remoulade Sauce
  6. Creamy Lemon-Herb Sauce
  7. Stewed Tomatoes
  8. Tangy Feta
  9. Sweet Summer Onions
  10. Grilled Flank Steak

What are some tips when choosing what to serve with fried okra?

When choosing what to serve with fried okra, it is important to consider the flavors of the dish.

Fried okra is a salty, savory dish, so it pairs well with side dishes that are sweet, sour, or tangy. Additionally, fried okra is often served with a dipping sauce, so be sure to choose a sauce that will complement the flavors of the dish.

Finally, it is important to consider the textures of the dish when choosing what to serve with fried okra. Fried okra is a crunchy, crispy dish, so it pairs well with side dishes that are soft and tender.


When it comes to what to serve with fried okra, the options are endless. You can choose any dish that pairs well with salty and savory flavors, and you can also choose any dish that has a crunchy texture.

So go ahead and experiment with different side dishes until you find the perfect pairing for your fried okra dish. And don’t forget to enjoy the leftovers!