What spices to put in Guacamole – 20+ Interesting Ideas)

Are you looking for a good spice to add to guacamole? Look no further! When it comes to good spice to add to guacamole, there are many options. You can pretty much use any spices that you like, but there are a few that stand out as being particularly good choices.

I remember the first time I ever tried guacamole. It was at a party, and I had no idea what to expect. I was intrigued, though, so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad that I did because Guacamole is delicious!

Since then, I’ve become something of a guacamole connoisseur. I’ve tried it with all sorts of different spices, and I’ve found that some work better than others. Check out some of my favorite spices to add to guacamole below!

What spices to put in Guacamole

  1. Chamoy Sauce
  2. Garam Masala
  3. Italian Herb Blend
  4. Taco Seasoning
  5. Chili Spice Mix
  6. Guacamole Spice Mix
  7. Parsley
  8. Ground Cumin
  9. Onion Powder
  10. Cayenne Pepper

Chamoy Sauce

Chamoy sauce is a Mexican condiment that is made from pickled fruit. It has a sweet, sour, and spicy flavor that goes well with a variety of dishes and can be used as a dipping sauce, a marinade, or a spice to add flavor to food. It can also be purchased at most Mexican grocery stores or online.

On the other hand, guacamole is a popular dish in Mexico that is made from avocados, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Chamoy sauce is commonly added to guacamole to give it an extra kick of flavor.

Some people find that chamoy sauce makes the guacamole too spicy, so it is important to add it sparingly. Others find that the sweetness of the chamoy sauce compliments the richness of the avocado well. With that, when using chamoy sauce, it is important to taste the guacamole as you go so that you don’t accidentally make it too spicy or too sweet.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is a spice that originates from India. It is a blend of different spices, such as coriander, cumin, ginger, and black pepper. The resulting spice is warm and fragrant, with a slightly sweet taste.

When added to guacamole, it gives the dish a delightful depth of flavor. Garam Masala also pairs well with other bold flavors, such as jalapenos, lime juice, and cilantro. But be careful not to add too much, as the spice can be quite powerful. A little goes a long way!

Italian Herb Blend

Looking to spice up your guacamole? Italian Herb Blend is the perfect addition! This flavorful spice blend combines oregano, thyme, rosemary, and basil – giving it a bold, herby taste. It’s the perfect way to add a little zing to your guacamole without overpowering the other flavors.

And it pairs well with just about anything – try serving it with tortilla chips, pita bread, or veggie sticks. For the best results, use sparingly at first and then adjust to taste. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away once it’s in there! So start small and build up to your perfect level of spice.

Taco Seasoning

Taco seasoning is a blend of spices that is typically used to flavor beef or chicken. However, it can also be used to add a flavorful kick to guacamole. The seasoning mix typically includes chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, and onion powder. This combination of spices gives the guacamole a depth of flavor that is both savory and slightly spicy.

Taco seasoning can be added to taste, so start with a small amount and add more as needed. In addition, be sure to taste the guacamole before serving to ensure that it is not too salty. If using pre-made taco seasoning, it is always a good idea to check the label for other potential add-ins such as MSG or Parmesan cheese.

Chili Spice Mix

Chili Spice Mix is a great spice to add to guacamole. It has a smoky, earthy taste that pairs well with the creamy avocado and fresh cilantro in the guacamole. Chili Spice Mix will also add a bit of heat to your guacamole, making it more flavorful and interesting.

However, be careful not to add too much Chili Spice Mix, as it can easily overpower the other flavors in the dish. Start with a small amount and add more to taste.

Guacamole Spice Mix

The guacamole spice mix is a great addition to your guacamole. It has a strong, rich flavor that enhances the taste of the avocado and other ingredients. The spice mix is also perfect for pairing with other foods. Try it with tortilla chips, grilled chicken, or even roasted vegetables. For the best results, be sure to use fresh, ripe avocados and add the spice mix just before serving.

The spice mix can also be used as a dip for tortilla chips or as a condiment for tacos and burritos. However, it is important to note that the spice mix does have a few drawbacks such as:

  • It can be quite spicy, so be sure to taste your guacamole before adding the spice mix.
  • The spice mix can sometimes make the guacamole difficult to spread. If this happens, simply add more avocado or add a little water to thin it out.


If you’re looking for a flavorful way to spruce up your guacamole, parsley is a great option. This spice has a fresh, slightly peppery taste that can add a delicious zing to your dish. Plus, parsley is packed with nutrients like vitamins A and C, so it’s not only tasty but also good for you.

When choosing parsley for your guacamole, look for bright green leaves that are free from brown spots. To get the most flavor out of your parsley, chop the leaves finely before adding them to the guacamole. You can also experiment with other herbs and spices to create your unique flavor.

Just remember that a little goes a long way – too much parsley can overpower the taste of your guacamole. So start with a small amount and add more to the taste.

Ground Cumin

Ground cumin is a spice made from the dried seed of the cumin plant. It has a warm, earthy flavor with a hint of citrus. Cumin is often used in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mexican cuisine. It’s a key ingredient in many spice blends, such as curry powder and garam masala. It is also used to flavor dishes like guacamole, hummus, and chili.

When pairing cumin with other spices, it’s best to use a light hand – too much cumin can be overwhelming. It can be added to guacamole in place of or in addition to chili powder. It will give the dip a deeper flavor and aroma.

For best results, toast the cumin seeds in a dry skillet over medium heat before grinding them. This will help to release their essential oils and give them a more pronounced flavor. Moreover, it is also a good source of iron and other minerals. So not only will it make your guacamole taste better, but it’s also good for you!

Onion Powder

Onion powder is a great spice to add to guacamole. It has a strong onion flavor that complements the other ingredients in guacamole. It also has a bit of a kick, which can help to balance out the sweetness of the avocado.

Here are some tips for using onion powder in guacamole:

  • Add a small amount at first, and then taste and add more as needed. You don’t want to overpower the other flavors in the dish.
  • Try mixing onion powder with other spices, such as garlic powder or cumin. This will give your guacamole an extra depth of flavor.
  • To avoid making your guacamole too salty, use kosher or sea salt instead of table salt.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a great spice to add to Guacamole. It has a nice, spicy flavor that pairs well with the other ingredients in guacamole. Cayenne pepper will also add a bit of heat to the dish, which can be a nice contrast to the creaminess of the avocado.

However, you should be careful not to add too much cayenne pepper, as it can quickly overwhelm the other flavors in the dish. Start with just a pinch or two, and then taste the guacamole before adding more.

Related Questions When Choosing Good Spice To Add To Guacamole

What are other options when choosing a good spice to add to guacamole?

  1. Pepper
  2. Salt
  3. Garlic Powder
  4. Oregano
  5. Chili Powder
  6. Cilantro
  7. Chili Flakes
  8. Serrano Peppers
  9. Chives
  10. Basil
  11. Coriander
  12. Dill
  13. Mint
  14. Nutmeg
  15. Paprika

What are some tips when choosing a good spice to add to guacamole?

When choosing a good spice to add to guacamole, it is important to consider the other flavors in the dish. You don’t want to overpower the taste of the avocado or the other ingredients.

It is also important to start with a small amount and then add more as needed. You may also want to try mixing the spice with other spices to create a more complex flavor. And, be careful not to make the dish too salty by using kosher or sea salt instead of table salt.


So there you have it! These are some good spices to add to guacamole. With a little experimentation, you can find the perfect combination of flavors for your taste. So go ahead and get creative in the kitchen, and enjoy your delicious guacamole creation!