What Goes Good With Rice Cakes – 25 Sides You’ll Love

Have you ever been wondering what goes good with rice cakes? Well, I’ve been there too. So don’t worry because I’m here to help you out! I have always been a fan of rice cakes. They are the perfect snack for when I’m on the go, and they are so easy to pack.

Earlier this year, I decided to start making my rice cakes at home. This way, I could control what went into them and I could also make them more interesting.

Rice cakes are a healthy snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They are perfect for those who are looking for a low-carb or gluten-free option, and they are also very affordable. While rice cakes can be eaten on their own, they are even better when paired with a delicious side dish.

One of the first things I like to do when making my rice cakes is to add some toppings. But of course, I never knew where to start at first. So I went and experimented with various options until I finally came up with a list of my favorites!

What Goes Good With Rice Cakes

  1. Strawberries And Cream Cheese
  2. Nutella
  3. S’more Cakes
  4. Cinnamon Toast Cakes
  5. Sliced Bananas With Peanut Butter
  6. Peanut Sauce
  7. Deviled Ham
  8. Chili
  9. Cottage Cheese
  10. Guacamole

Strawberries And Cream Cheese

Strawberries and cream cheese are the perfect toppings for rice cakes! The sweetness of the strawberries pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of the cream cheese, and the combination is sure to please any palate.

In addition, the Strawberries and Cream Cheese topping is easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time. Simply wash and slice the strawberries, then spread cream cheese on top of each rice cake. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even add a sprig of mint for garnish.


Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that is smooth and creamy with a slightly nutty flavor. It is delicious on its own, or as a topping for Rice Cakes and will improve its taste by adding sweetness and richness.

However, it is important to use Nutella sparingly, as too much can make the Rice Cakes soggy. Another pro tip is to microwave the Nutella for a few seconds to thin it out before spreading it on the Rice Cakes. This will help it to spread more easily and evenly.

S’more Cakes

S’more Cakes are a type of cake that is designed to taste like the classic camping treat, s’mores. They are usually made with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and marshmallows. Some recipes also call for additional ingredients like nuts or whipped cream.

S’more Cakes are generally very sweet and very rich. When served as a topping for Rice Cakes, they can help to balance out the savory nature of the dish. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of texture, making Rice Cakes more interesting to eat. However, it can also be very messy, so it is important to be careful when handling them.

Cinnamon Toast Cakes

Who doesn’t love cinnamon toast cakes? They’re the perfect combination of sweet and savory, with a rich cinnamon flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes.

And what could be more versatile than rice cakes? Rice cakes are a great blank canvas for all sorts of toppings, from sweet to savory and everything in between. So why not give them a try with cinnamon toast cakes?

Cinnamon toast cakes are easy to make and can be tailored to your taste. Just spread some softened butter on top of your rice cake, then top with your favorite brand of cinnamon toast cake mix. You can use store-bought mix or make your own from scratch – it’s up to you. Pop them in the oven for a few minutes until the cake is crispy and golden brown.

Here are a few reminders that may help you make your rice cake and cinnamon toast cake pairing better:

  • The butter will help the cake mix to stick to the rice cake, so don’t be shy about spreading it on.
  • If you’re using store-bought mix, make sure to follow the package directions – some brands require you to add additional eggs or milk.
  • Keep an eye on the cakes while they’re baking, as they can go from perfect to burnt very quickly.

Sliced Bananas With Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and bananas are a classic combination that is loved by kids and adults alike. This simple yet delicious topping is perfect for rice cakes, adding a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the crunchy snack.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to prepare. Simply slice some bananas and spread them on a layer of creamy peanut butter. For an extra touch of flavor, you can add a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate chips.

Peanut Sauce

Peanut sauce is a thick, creamy sauce made from peanuts, often used as a dipping sauce or as a topping for various dishes. The sauce is usually made by grinding peanuts into a paste and then mixing in other ingredients such as coconut milk, tamarind paste, fish sauce, and sugar.

Peanut sauce can vary in taste depending on the ingredients used, but it is typically nutty and slightly sweet with a hint of heat. Moreover, it is a popular topping for rice cakes due to its creamy texture and bold flavor. The sauce can help to enhance the flavor of the rice cake and add a subtle sweetness.

However, peanut sauce can be high in fat and calories, so it should be used in moderation. When using peanut sauce as a topping for rice cakes, be sure to use a light hand so that the cake does not become too soggy. You can also add other toppings such as diced chicken or vegetables to create a more substantial dish.

Deviled Ham

Deviled ham is a smooth, creamy, and spreadable paste made from ground ham, spices, and other flavorings. It is usually spread on crackers or used as a filling for sandwiches. It can also be used as a topping for rice cakes and has a slightly salty taste with a hint of sweetness.

Adding deviled ham to rice cakes is an easy way to boost the flavor of the rice cakes. The savory taste of the deviled ham pairs well with the blandness of the rice cake. It also adds creaminess and a bit of sweetness to the rice cake. Plus, the added texture and flavor make deviled ham-topped rice cakes much more enjoyable to eat.

Take note that deviled ham is high in sodium. If you are on a low-sodium diet, you may want to avoid this topping. Additionally, because deviled ham is so flavorful, you only need to use a small amount. Otherwise, the rice cake will be overwhelmed by the taste of the deviled ham.


Chili is a great way to add flavor to your meal. It is a simple dish that can be made with a variety of different ingredients. chili has a unique taste and texture that will make your rice cakes more flavorful.

The best way to enjoy chili is to use it as a topping for your rice cakes. This will help to improve the taste of your rice cakes and make them more enjoyable.

However, you need to make sure that you use the right type of chili and be careful not to overcook the chili. Additionally, remember to add the chili to the rice cakes slowly so that you don’t overwhelm the flavor.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a versatile and delicious cheese that can be used in a variety of recipes. It is especially good as a topping for rice cakes. It has a mild flavor and a creamy texture that makes it a perfect complement to the crispy rice cake.

In addition, cottage cheese is high in protein and low in calories, making it a healthy option for those watching their weight. However, it can also be high in sodium, so it is important to choose a brand that is low in sodium or to rinse the cottage cheese before using it.

When choosing cottage cheese to use as a topping for rice cakes, it is also important to consider the fat content. Non-fat cottage cheese will not provide as much flavor or creaminess as full-fat cottage cheese, but it will be lower in calories. For the best results, choose a full-fat cottage cheese and add salt and pepper to taste.


Guacamole is a delicious avocado-based dip that originates from Mexico. It is typically made with mashed avocados, onions, tomatoes, lime juice, and chili peppers. It has a creamy texture and rich, flavorful taste that is perfect for dipping or as a topping.

Rice cakes are a popular type of cake made from rice flour or glutinous rice. When plain, they can be quite bland in flavor. This is where guacamole comes in! Adding a spoonful or two of guacamole to each rice cake can elevate the flavor and make them more enjoyable to eat. Plus, the added nutrients from the avocados are a bonus.

Just be sure to use ripe avocados so that the guacamole is nice and creamy. Also, add enough salt to taste – this will help bring out the flavors of the other ingredients. And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with other ingredients such as cilantro, diced onions, or diced tomatoes.

Related Questions When Choosing What Goes Good With Rice Cakes

What are other options when choosing what goes good with rice cakes?

  1. Artichoke Dip
  2. BLT
  3. Canned Cheese
  4. Spinach, Pears, And Blue Cheese
  5. Chopped Avocado Salad
  6. Pimento Cheese
  7. Hummus
  8. Canned Bean Dip
  9. Pesto
  10. Smoked Salmon
  11. Tapenade
  12. Pizza Toppings
  13. Tuna Salad
  14. Egg Salad
  15. Chicken Salad

Are rice cakes healthy for weight loss?

No, unfortunately, rice cakes are not healthy for weight loss. It may be low in calories and digest fast given its lack of fiber. But it causes your insulin levels and blood sugar to increase, which may promote weight gain.

What happens if you toast a rice cake?

Never attempt to toast a rice cake or even put them close to fire since they are very flammable. It will catch fire instantly and they won’t be the small ones you expect (yes, they’ll be huge fires).


Now, you know what goes good with rice cakes! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experiment with different toppings and combinations to find what you like best.

And don’t be scared to check out other combinations that aren’t on the list I provided. You can even try to create your own. Besides, what matters is you enjoy the process of preparing (and eating) your rice cakes!