What Goes Well With Margaritas ( 25 Delicious Ideas to Try )

What goes well with margaritas? This is a question that has been asked time and time again. The answer, of course, is that many different recipes go well with this delicious cocktail.

In this article, we will explore some of the best side dishes to serve with your margaritas. Whether you are looking for something simple or something more complex, I have you covered!

What Goes Well With Margaritas

  1. Margarita Pie
  2. Enchiladas
  3. Tropical Margarita Dip
  4. Key West Shrimp Cakes
  5. Jerk Chicken Sticks
  6. Cheese Board
  7. Grilled Corn Salad
  8. Tortilla Chips
  9. Grilled Chicken Skewers
  10. Fajitas

Margarita Pie

There are many benefits to using a Margarita Pie as a side dish for margaritas. For one, it helps to keep the drink cold and refreshing.

Additionally, the pie can be used as a dipping sauce or garnish, adding an extra element of flavor to the drink. Margarita Pie is also very easy to make and can be tailored to fit any number of different recipes.


Enchiladas as a side dish complement the strong flavors in a Margarita. When choosing what to drink with your enchilada side dish, it is important to remember that the sauce on the enchilada will already be fairly spicy. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a drink that won’t be overpowered by the sauce.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a drink that is twice as sweet as it is sour. This will help to offset the spice of the sauce and allow the flavor of the enchilada itself to shine through. If you’re not a fan of sweet drinks, you can also try pairing your enchiladas with a light beer or a glass of white wine.

Tropical Margarita Dip

A tropical Margarita dip can make a delicious and healthy side dish for your next Margarita party. There are many benefits to using this type of dip, including the fact that it is low in calories and fat.

In addition, the tropical Margarita dip is high in fiber and vitamins A and C. This makes it a healthy choice for those who are watching their weight or trying to maintain a healthy diet. Plus, it is also a good source of antioxidants, which can help to protect the body against free radicals.

The tropical Margarita dip can also be used as a dip for chips or crackers, or as a topping for grilled chicken or fish. It can also be used as a filling for tacos or burritos. The tropical Margarita dip is a versatile dish that can be used in many different recipes.

Key West Shrimp Cakes

Key West shrimp cakes are a perfect side dish for margaritas. They are light and flavorful, and they pair well with the acidity of the margaritas. Plus, they are easy to make and can be made ahead of time.

Here are some tips for making the perfect Key West shrimp cakes:

  • Use fresh shrimp that has been properly cooked. This will ensure that your shrimp cakes are moist and flavorful.
  • Be sure to chop the shrimp into small pieces so that they bind together well.
  • Use good quality mayonnaise to bind the shrimp together. This will also add flavor and creaminess to the cakes.
  • Add in some chopped scallions or chives for flavor and color.
  • Be sure to season the shrimp cakes well with salt, pepper, and Old Bay seasoning.
  • If you want a little bit of heat, you can add in a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • Fry the shrimp cakes in a hot pan until they are golden brown on both sides. Serve with lime wedges and enjoy!

Jerk Chicken Sticks

If you love jerk chicken and margaritas, then you’ll love this combination! The salty, spicy flavor of the chicken pairs perfectly with the sweet, tangy flavor of the margaritas. Plus, the chicken sticks make a great appetizer or side dish.

Here are some benefits of using jerk chicken sticks as a side dish for your margaritas:

  • They add a delicious, salty flavor to the drink.
  • They help to balance out the sweetness of the drink.
  • They provide a crunchy contrast to the smoothness of the drink.
  • They can be used as an edible garnish.

Cheese Board

Adding a cheese board to your margarita spread is a fantastic way to take things up a notch. Not only is it a beautiful presentation, but it also adds a delicious savory component to the mix. Plus, it’s super easy to put together! Simply choose your favorite cheeses, some cured meats, olives, nuts, and fruit, and arrange them on a platter.

I like to start with a big hunk of manchego, then add in some goat cheese and blue cheese for variety. For the meats, I normally go with salami and prosciutto. As for the olives, I like to use a mixture of green and black olives.

And for the fruit, I like to keep things seasonal and use whatever is looking good at the market. Apples and grapes are always a hit in the fall, while berries and stone fruit are perfect for summertime.

As for the nuts, I usually go with almonds or pistachios. But feel free to get creative and use whatever you like best! Cheese boards are such a versatile side dish – they can be customized to fit any occasion.

Grilled Corn Salad

Grilled Corn Salad is a delicious and easy-to-make side dish that pairs well with margaritas. The smoky flavor of the grilled corn complements the tangy taste of the margaritas perfectly.

Plus, the colorful salad is a great way to add some extra nutrition to your diet. The salad is packed with vitamins and minerals, and it’s a good source of fiber. The fiber in the salad helps to fill you up, so you’re less likely to overeat at your next meal.

And, if you’re looking for a healthier option, you can use grilled corn salad as a substitute for tortilla chips. The salad has all of the flavors of tortilla chips without all of the fat and calories.

Tortilla Chips

There are many cases where you can use tortilla chips as a side dish for margaritas. One of the benefits of using tortilla chips is that they are a healthier alternative to other fried side dishes like chicken wings or mozzarella sticks. They are also a good source of fiber and protein, which can help to fill you up and prevent you from overeating.

Another benefit of using tortilla chips is that they are very versatile and can be used with a variety of recipes. For example, you can use them as a dipping sauce for your margaritas, or you can use them as a topping for your tacos.

You can also find recipes that call for tortilla chips to be used in the place of traditional bread crumbs. This is a great way to add some extra flavor and texture to your margaritas.

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled chicken skewers are a delicious and nutritious option for a summertime side dish. Packed with protein, they’re a great way to add some heart-healthy sustenance to your margarita party. And since they can be cooked ahead of time and served at room temperature, they’re perfect for a hot summer day.

Chicken skewers are also relatively low in calories and fat, making them a lighter option than some other party food staples like hamburgers and hot dogs. Plus, they’re easy to make ahead of time and can be easily customized to your guests’ tastes.


You know what they say – Blanco tequila, lime, and salt make for the perfect margarita. But what about when you’re feeling a little bit hungry? That’s where fajitas come in! Fajitas are the perfect side dish for margaritas, thanks to their combination of flavorful spices and healthy ingredients.

Plus, they’re incredibly versatile – you can use them as a base for chicken, steak, shrimp, or vegetarian tacos. If you’re looking for a little extra zing, try adding some diced jalapeƱos or serrano peppers to your fajitas. And of course, don’t forget the guacamole – it’s the perfect finishing touch to this delicious dish.

Commonly Asked Questions When Choosing What Goes Well With Margaritas

What are other options when choosing what goes well with margaritas?

  1. Shrimp Ceviche
  2. Shrimp Tacos
  3. Gumbo
  4. Roast Beef
  5. Baked Sweet Potato
  6. Hot And Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges
  7. Chicken Enchiladas
  8. Streat Style Meat Tacos
  9. Goat Cheese
  10. Sharp Cheddar Cheese

What are some tips when choosing what goes well with margaritas?

When choosing what goes well with margaritas, it is important to consider the flavors of the drink. Margaritas are typically made with lime, so you want to choose a side dish that will complement the citrus flavor of the drink.

You also want to consider the strength of the margarita. If you are making a strong margarita, you want to choose a side dish that is not too heavy or filling. A light salad or soup would be a good option.

Finally, you want to consider the seasonality of the ingredients. For example, in the summertime, you may want to choose a lighter side dish like shrimp tacos or grilled chicken skewers. In the wintertime, you may want to choose a heartier side dish like chicken enchiladas or roast beef.


No matter what time of year it is or what your menu consists of, there is always a delicious recipe to compliment your margaritas.

By following the tips in this article, you will be sure to choose the perfect side dish for your next party. So what are you waiting for? Go try some of these recipes now!